Photography Portfolio

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.
-Dorothea Lange


35mm Projects

The Maze Tree, Balaikota Bandung, 2017
This is my refresh moment to stop for a while from digital camera and back to 35 mm film. Taking picture in film is about stop, think, shoot, and forget. The result of 35 mm is always surprising, and still love the grain and rich color of film shoot. I believe the film-way can improve me on taking better picture.


Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 2015 
As an architect, I travel to many cities in Indonesia and abroad. Many things we can learn during travel time, from food, people, places, especially the culture. Travelling gives another perception and also new experiences for every place I have visited, because sometime the story of the place is different from what I heard before.


Chatting after Ceremony, Desa Panglipuran, Bali, 2014
I always have a curriousity about monochrome photography, and it was inspired by Henry Cartier Bresson. Now I learned that monochrome is about how you capture story, emotion, light and shadow, not just converting colour into black and white.


"Olympiade", Let's Have Fair Play's Game, Indonesia Independence Day, 2015
This is my casual project on some event. The 'street photography' style influence me much, even in the formal situation. Hope it can give another idea on 'capturing' the event


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